Activism Workshops

(Customized Presentations Available)


Activism 101; The Basics of Building

Armchair Activism; Using Social Media for the Movement

Writing for Advocacy; The Power of Editorial Writing

Telling Your Story; Personal Testimony as Toolkit

Person to People; Tabling, Door-Knocking, and Other Base-Building Tools for Reaching Your Community

Public Speaking Essentials

Legislative Visits; Connecting with Change Makers

One-On-One; Building Intentional Relationships

Heart in Hand; Using the Arts for Social Justice Work

When Perception Is Reality - Messaging within Movements

The Sustainable Activist - Maintaining Movement and Momentum When the World Still Needs You


Founding Lasting Movements in Transitional Spaces

Being an Active Ally in 10 Simple Steps


"The Talk" ; Using Subverbal Communication and Active Listening for Persuasion and Response


Active Peacemaking;  Positive Community Change Rooted in Nonviolent Activism

Creative Writing Workshops

(Customized Presentations Available)


From the Stage to the Page; Creating sophisticated and professional written works from spoken word or performance pieces, for performance artists considering publication, competition or submission.


From the Page to the Stage; For writers contemplating book tours or seeking to diversify their creative outreach, focusing on giving dynamic and engaging readings, performances and features.


Telling and Selling; How to effectively focus and market your work in and for today's diversified market.


Braving the Inner Wild; A multi-genre creative workshop including guided meditation and craft arts, tapping into personal creativity to find inspiration within yourself and the world around you. A guaranteed cure for writer's block!

Coal to Diamond; Finding an editing process that works for you

Diversity and Intersectionality Workshops

(Customized Presentations Available)


Raising Kindness; Teaching Anti-Bias to Children

They Are Among Us; Addressing Hate Terror/Bias/Hate Groups and Preventing Hate Crimes Within Your Community or School

Turning Black Lives Matter Momentum Into Goal-Based Movements


Queering Color; Combining Black and Brown Activism with Queer Experience


Narrowing the Margins; Exploring then Moving Beyond Divide and Conquer Politics to Promote Leadership Across Differences


Best Practice, Best Spaces; Creating Engaging and Inclusive Spaces, Events & Programs


+ (Plus) Means More; Incorporating Progressive Trans, Queer, and New Gender Activism Into LGBT Movement Work


Promoting Volunteerism and Activism in Marginalized Communities; How to Reach and Engage the Most Challenging Corners of Our Communities


Tailoring Activism 101 Principles for YOUR Community

Expanding Your Customer Base; Exploring Minority Groups As Major Markets

Cultural Competency in Places and Spaces; A Customized Workshop Including Policy, Procedure. Publicity, and Place (Site) Evaluation

Presentations of Note

Rutgers University

Johns Hopkins University

Columbia University

Northern Arizona University

Arizona State University

Penn State University

York College

Elizabethtown College

Messiah College

Central Penn College

Harrisburg Area Community College

Eastern York School District

Red Lion School District - York

Dallastown School district - York

Northeastern York School District

Southern York School District

City of York School District

York County School of Technology

Pennsylvania A.C.L.U.

Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center

Baltimore Theatre Project

State Museum of Pennsylvania

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